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Your vacation is important to you and your family! You look forward to this Florida getaway all year long ... but what if something unexpected happens? If you are forced to cancel your trip, you may forfeit up to 100% of your rental cost. Crystal Waters Vacations strongly recommends that you protect your family and your investment by purchasing vacation rental trip insurance. 

For a low cost, vacation rental trip insurance will cover your expenses in case of illness, severe weather, car problems, lost luggage and a host of other potential travel pitfalls. Your insurance plan can also provide 24-emergency assistance services and identity theft protection. 

For more information, please review the following brochures from our recommended vacation rental trip insurance provider -- CSA Travel Protection:

Why Buy Vacation Rental Insurance? (pdf)
Vacation Rental Insurance -- Description of Coverage (pdf)

Contact us to add trip insurance to your current vacation rental plans.

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